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Introduction to the role of fish tank lights

2021-12-06 16:45:25

        For LED aquarium lights, many friends don't know when and how long they should be turned on. Let's answer this related question for you.


   The first thing to be clear to everyone is that the LEDs of the aquarium are best turned off at night. As for the specific switching time, you can refer to the sunrise and sunset times.


  This reason is actually very simple. Whether our aquarium controls water quality, temperature, oxygen, and light, it actually simulates the growth and survival environment of fish in nature (in rivers, lakes, and seas). So in terms of lighting, we only need to turn off the led lights at night.


   In addition, in order to facilitate everyone to better understand and use the LED lights in the aquarium, let's introduce the specific function of the aquarium LED in detail below.

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  What can the lights of the fish tank do?

   1. Simulate daylight illumination


   As mentioned above, especially in dark rooms where the sun cannot reach, the LED fill light is very important. However, keeping the lights on day and night can make the fish too tired or very easily frightened. Everyone must pay attention to turning off the lights at night.


   In addition, the aquarium is also not suitable for placing in direct sunlight, especially in summer, direct sunlight will make the temperature in the tank too high and affect the normal life of the fish.


   2. Ultraviolet led light can sterilize


  Ultraviolet led light can kill a variety of germs and reduce the incidence of fish.


  3. Helping the growth of aquatic plants


   If you also raise aquatic plants in the aquarium, light can help the plants grow. It is best to turn on the light for more than 4 hours a day, and 8 hours is the best.


  4. Decorative effect


   Nowadays, many aquarium LED lights are available in a variety of colors. You can choose the light color that suits you according to the decoration style of your own aquarium.

  Led aquarium lights are suitable for the growth of various aquatic plants and fish. It has a strong light permeability, which makes the color of fish more vivid and eye-catching. It is mainly suitable for providing the best lighting for aquariums, aquatic landscapes and ornamental fish.


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